Culinary tour in the city center

The best tour in town!

Afternoon or evening tour

Get to know Rome from the inside! The Italian cuisine speaks for itself, Italy as a gastronomic empire, abundant with flavors and cuisines that vary depending on the region and its yield.

Afternoon or evening tour

Get to know Rome from the inside! The Italian cuisine speaks for itself, Italy as a gastronomic empire, abundant with flavors and cuisines that vary depending on the region and its yield.

Over the years, the culinary tour has become a landmark in the city. This is the most requested tour with us, and is considered the flagship tour.

A culinary tour in Rome, or a food tour, whatever you want to call it is a wonderful tour because it is the one that will make the difference between a short weekend in Rome and a crazy experience in Rome. We offer an experience, a pastime you won’t forget, 4 hours of real fun.

The starting point is the Spanish Steps, from there you will go out with Nati or Guy to meet the city, the street, the people, the culture.

He will open the street to you and give you the feeling that you have come to truly know him. Passing through the stations include a lot of information about the city and the cuisine,

And the food is wonderful, delicious, and defies the term “tourist trap”.
(An unrelated side note – today it goes without saying that tourists are sophisticated and come with suitcases of knowledge from home, therefore “tourist trap” is a very irrelevant term nowadays,

And it would be better to differentiate between a good restaurant and a bad one and abandon these ancient terms like “tourist trap”)

Don’t hesitate, it’s a safe choice!

The culinary tour examines the daily life of the Italian, and presents to us what turned the celebration of gastronomy into an empire.

At several stations where you will taste, you will listen to explanations and fascinating stories. (It is better to arrive in comfortable shoes)

This is a tour that aims to get to know the magnificent Italian cusine and understand its greatness. We will get to know a culture that is western, but adheres to a long-standing tradition. On this tour, the food is classic Italian, high quality and fine and includes
Passing through one of the best pizza al taglio in the city, pasta that characterizes the local cuisine, wine from Lazio, coffee with a twist that you will adopt at home, truffle delicacies, a visit to a small delicatessen with quality Italian products and much more fun and good things.
** The foods may very from tour to tour depending on the season, the points of sale and the guide’s decision, we guarantee that it will be tasty and satisfying.

The tour ends in the Pantheon area.

What's on the tour?

Italian dessert
wine or drink
El Taglio pizza - the tastiest in Rome
Fresh pasta (optional)
Truffle delicacies
Trust us, leave room for your imagination...

Culinary tour in the city center

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Price: €85 per participant, €65 for children (up to the age of 14)

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Payment and refund policy

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  • A refund will be given in a notice of cancellation at least 5 days before the tour , therefore if you scheduled a tour on the day of the flight and it was delayed or canceled, if God forbid you do not feel well,
    If the children are already too exhausted to come to the tour, if you simply do not feel like coming, with all the regret, no refund will be given if you have not notified at least five days in advance .
    We do not usually cancel tours due to weather, strikes, demonstrations, etc.
    Our obligation to come to the tour is yours and therefore if you do not intend to come, we would appreciate it if you let us know.


  • The advance is part of the total amount, you can pay the rest by credit or cash at the end of the tour.

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