Culinary tour in Trastevere

How much space do you have in your stomach? Do not miss this special culinary tour.

Evening tour only

Leave room in your stomach for this special tour built with the help of great professionals, especially for the curious palates looking for another face of the Italian Empire

Evening tour only

Leave room in your stomach for this special tour built with the help of great professionals, especially for the curious palates looking for another face of the Italian Empire


A food tour in Rome is a wonderful way to get to know the city. The greatest pride of Italians will probably start with the developed, conservative, traditional, delicious and perfect Italian cuisine. Who doesn’t love Italian food?

Let’s start with the fact that Trastevere is a neighborhood close to the historic city center and it is hysterical!

Many ask us if it is worth choosing the culinary tour in the Trastevere neighborhood or the culinary tour in the center of Rome?

The answer is really ambiguous because both tours are equally successful,

Two different regions, different tastings and different contents. They do not overlap and they are not similar to each other beyond the fact that they are both full of excellent Italian food.

The tour in the city center gives a basic background about the city, but also in this tour you will get a lot of information about the city.

So how to choose?

Go to our schedule and check which tour is taking place on your dates, and the one that will suit your schedule the most you will choose. You will not regret it in any case.

The tour in the Trastevere neighborhood is a wonderful tour, a real pastime, so tasty, interesting and waiting.

A walking tour, which does start in the Jewish quarter, but from there you go to the charming and lively neighborhood,

Trastevere, where the culinary scene is one of the most developed in the city,

A tour with transitions between different food stations where you will taste familiar foods as well as those that are less, high quality, with a new interpretation of Italian food.

local boutique wine, cheeses from Lazio, Sicilian desserts, Roman pasta, different and crazy maritsu, special liqueur and more!

**The foods may change from tour to tour depending on the season, the points of sale and the guide’s decision, but don’t worry, with us the attention to every detail is most important and you will leave satisfied.

What's on the tour?

Passing through the most vibrant areas of the city center
A wine that will match exactly what you will eat
Pizza in one of the institutions most associated with the city
Crazy fresh pasta
You have already understood that we only write what is obvious, right? Don't worry, you're in good hands and you'll leave full and happy!

Culinary tour in Trastevere

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Price: €85 per participant, €65 for children (up to the age of 14)

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Payment and refund policy

  • pay attention!
    A refund will be given in a notice of cancellation at least 5 days before the tour , therefore if you scheduled a tour on the day of the flight and it was delayed or canceled, if God forbid you do not feel well,
    If the children are already too exhausted to come to the tour, if you simply do not feel like coming, with all the regret, no refund will be given if you have not notified at least five days in advance .
    We do not usually cancel tours due to weather, strikes, demonstrations, etc.
    Our obligation to come to the tour is yours and therefore if you do not intend to come, we would appreciate it if you let us know.
  • The advance is part of the total amount, you can pay the rest by credit or cash at the end of the tour.

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