Photo tour in Rome

looking for some a unique souvenir? Let's do it with professionals.

Day or evening tour

A tour for couples or families among the picturesque alleys of Rome with a professional photographer that will leave you with a souvenir for life

Day or evening tour

A tour for couples or families among the picturesque alleys of Rome with a professional photographer that will leave you with a souvenir for life


A photography tour is a private tour only.

This is a tour that is a meeting with a local photographer who knows the city well and knows how to take you to all the most photogenic locations in the city.

The tour takes place in the center of the city, starting at the meeting at the Spanish Steps and entering into areas that are a little less crowded, picturesque and characteristic of the city. You can always add locations that you really want to be there, of course counsulting with us before making reservation if possible

It is definitely a task in a city so flooded with tourists to take pictures of you in the hustle and bustle, but we have the experience to lead you to the places that express well the spirit of the city, they are still in the city center and are far from the crowd.



What's on the tour?

passing between sites in the city center
Stopping at particularly photogenic locations
You get all the photos you want on a file

Photo tour in Rome

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Price: €150 per couple

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Payment and refund policy

  • pay attention!
    A refund will be given in a notice of cancellation at least 5 days before the tour , therefore if you scheduled a tour on the day of the flight and it was delayed or canceled, if God forbid you do not feel well,
    If the children are already too exhausted to come to the tour, if you simply do not feel like coming, with all the regret, no refund will be given if you have not notified at least five days in advance .
    rain, or bad weather might cause cancellation or postponment of the tour, refund will be given accordingly
    Our obligation to come to the tour is exactly as yours and therefore if you do not intend to come, we would appreciate it if you let us know.
  • The advance is part of the total amount, you can pay the rest by credit or cash at the end of the tour.

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