Private tour in Rome

Why not choosing a tour for my size? Do you want it your way, under the conditions that suit you? Private tours are an option for increased comfort.

It is our responsibility to get you integrated into a group that you will feel the most comfortable, with the most respect, with the promise that we will know how to create a dynamic that suits everyone. But not everyone is looking to be part of a group, or not everyone can or wants to, each for their own reasons, if it is very young children, a walking pace that is less than average, a desire to delve deeper into certain subjects instead of others, a change of route, a specific request for a certain guide on a certain day, everything is kosher and the reasons are all correct.

A private tour is a tour in which we will build your tour together according to your needs, and we may not change anything from the framework of the group tour, but the only intention is that you will enjoy a maximum experience alone with the guide.

Any tour listed on our list can become a private tour. The change is in the experience and the price, which is higher than the price of a group tour, but the reward is immeasurably higher than expected.

Beyond the list written on the tours page, we also offer:

  • Culinary tour in Naples
  • A tour to the Tivoli Gardens
  • A tour of the Castelli Romani towns with a guide and driver or just a driver (who is not a guide)
  • A tour for those who are coming to Rome from a cruise and have a few hours in Rome before returning to the cruise in Civitavecchia,
  • An art tour during which it will also be possible to learn drawing
  • Tour of churches, entry into the world of Christianity, the art resulting from it and history
  • Tour for delegations, organizations, large groups organized from the country
  • Photo tour
  • Tour in English, French, Russian and Hebrew.

There is no fixed pricing, the pricing is based on the number of participants and special requests.

Contact us to consult and receive an offer.

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Private tour in Rome

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